Passion and commitment from the beginning.

We virtually had a knowledge of good tools in our infancy when we were first established, being born, as it were, in the tool city of Remscheid. We have remained loyal to our line since 1871, and represent authenticity, efficiency and functional design - the quality of our products speaks for itself.


1871 - 1975 The early years


carolus was founded in 1871 by Carl Mesenh├Âller in Remscheid. Thanks to its rich natural resources, the Bergisches Land has been considered the stronghold of Germany's tool production ever since the Middle Ages. The industrial revolution brought a tremendous upturn to the Remscheid area. Remscheid is still known today as the town in Germany for tools, and as an industrial location with a wealth of history and tradition.


1975 - 2010 Growth through innovation


The company decided to market high-quality hand tools to certified German quality standards with worldwide production specialists. At the time, the carolus brand was making a name for itself in the field of ┬╝" ratchets with intelligent solutions that make it easier to work in confined areas. Today, the entire carolus range has grown, making it the right partner for high-quality, well-priced, durable hand tools.


To Today - They key to success


To this day, carolus continues to appeal for its ergonomics, efficiency and pleasant design. All our tools are made with a particular passion for detail. Our aim is to continue to question and optimise the use of tools. The unbeatable quality, comfortable use and excellent value for money are appreciated by carolus customers the world over.