Vision & Values

Vision & values

Your challenge.
Our commitment.

Tools by carolus by GEDORE appeal for their product innovation, functionality and user comfort. Our more than 100 years of experience combined with the high quality standards of German norms (DIN) and the safety of "by GEDORE" all make us the no. 1 partner for high-quality, well-priced, durable tools. And now our tools are being analysed and optimised to make our users' various tasks and activities easier and safer. Whether professional or amateur, anyone who pursues his ideas with passion and puts his heart in his work will find that carolus and our comprehensive range are just the thing.

The full variety of products:

Our extensive range of tools leaves nothing to be desired. From the unbelievably useful set of bolt removers to the perfectly equipped red carolus Wingman workshop trolley. A quick look at the entire product range or our current catalogue is all it takes to find the right tool.

And if you want to know what carolus feels like in your hands, head for your nearest dealer.