• The all-round carefree package for every beginner or for those who want to be equipped for the worst-case scenario with a unique price-performance ratio. The universal sets from carolus leave nothing to be desired.
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Tool Cases
  • High-quality tools deserve high quality protection: Our tool cases provide strong covers, secure hinges and optimum protection against corrosion. For a better overview at work: here you'll find everything you need.
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Workshop furniture
  • Wer Wert auf Ordnung am Arbeitsplatz legt, wird die carolus Werkstattwagen zu schätzen wissen. Mobil, platzsparend und äußerst pflegeleicht bringen sie Ordnung ins Chaos. Aus pulverbeschichteten Stahlblechteilen zusammengesetzt, bieten sie optimalen Schut
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Tool modules
  • Den Support für deinen Werkstattwagen findest du hier: Die Werkzeugsätze von carolus sind unglaublich vielseitig, sodass du für jede Aufgabe die ideale Unterstützung bereit hast.
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  • carolus has the correct wrench on offer for all application areas. High-quality steel, processed professionally makes carolus keys an irreplaceable tool in your equipment.
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Ratchets / sockets
  • Robustness and performance come together in carolus ratchets. Paired with the matching inserts, ratchets from our range give you the freedom that you need.
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  • The carolus socket wrench sets makes you prepared for all eventualities. Here every socket finds its insert and each mechanic the accessories to give the best possible support.
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Torque Wrenches
  • Timing is what counts: carolus torque wrenches help you get the right tension. The selection depends solely on you. The product range stands for reliable quality in every situation.
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  • Reliable assistants for every event: screwdrivers from carolus. You have a choice: whether Philips or slot screwdriver, short or long blade - our screwdrivers and the corresponding bits are made of sturdy material and do not let you down!
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  • carolus pliers, too, impress with their optimum price-performance ratio and are the smart choice for any application area. Longevity is the keyword here, and with professional use carolus pliers keep their promise.
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  • No wobbling, no slipping: Our clamping tools allow you to work safely. We have the right jaw width for your application. Precise clamping is guaranteed!
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Striking tools
  • Our impact tools are GS-safety tested and deliver top quality: So you are guaranteed to hit the nail on the head.
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  • Measuring with carolus! Precision to the millimeter, carolus gauges help you measure, calibrate, and plumb, none pose a challenge.
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File, cut, drill
  • Top quality processing, ergonomically designed and effective: The selection of tools is large and offers you support in the home, garden or workshop.
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  • Assistant for all cases: sawing, milling, filling is done with the right tools in no time. The range leaves nothing to be desired and makes every task a breeze.
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  • carolus lamps help you bring light into the darkness. The LED lights are powerful and energy efficient at the same time.
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1000 V
  • Your safety is our mission: VDE special tools from Carolus are thoroughly tested, protecting you when it really matters.
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