Torque wrench

carolus torque wrench

Let's Get Torqueing

It's all torque.

carolus provides the matching wrenches for torques that require a little sensitivity. If you need to tighten accurately, we offer the right tools to do it even under the most extreme demands.

4900 - 8900

Torque wrench

5 - 550 N·m
  • Controlled screw tightening in the range 5 - 550 N·m
  • For use in all areas of industrial manufacturing and in quality control

  • Adjustable torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratchet function
  • For controlled bi-directional tightening
  • Working accuracy: +/- -3 % tolerance of the scale set torque
  • Dual scale in N·m and lbf·ft
Scope of delivery:
  • Torque wrench with test certificate to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • User instructions

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4901 - 8901

Mushroom head / Coupler

  • Black PPN plastic
  • Can also be used as a replacement for push-through square